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Tina DiSalvo Fries

I absolutely love everything about my Rose print..the softness and beauty of the subject matter, the cheerful pop of color it brings to my office, and the amazing detail of the petals covered in dew drops, not to mention my fondness and admiration for my dear friend, the photographer! It is absolutely beautiful! I am beyond thrilled to have this in my home! Thank you so much, Sherry Friel!

Susan Bell

Macro Flowers 083

Sherry I wanted you to know I got the beautiful delivery this evening! It is gorgeous! I particularly feel drawn to this one since it is emerging much like the Phoenix-much like myself working hard at improving. I can see how in a doctors office this would be promising and encouraging everyday. The sunflower is a sign of spiritual faith as it turns to the sun the life giver and its power of love.*

*Susan is a survivor of oral cancer. She’s been fighting this courageous battle for a couple of years now, I believe, and is so excited to be healing and on her way back to health. She is one of the most courageous people I have ever met, and I have followed her journey since the very beginning. Every time I look back at that sunflower, I see it through her eyes now. She’s coming back from an ordeal that changed her life forever, and yet here she is, growing, changing, blooming and excited about her life. I am so blessed to know her.

Frank DiSalvo

Macro Flowers 083

 I recently came upon Visual Clarity Photography Studio and viewed the photographs taken by Sherry Friel. I found her eye and style of capturing an image to be very different from that of other fine art photographers that I have viewed in the past. Her images have a magical feel to them and are very uplifting. You can feel the softness of each petal and the dampness on each leaf. The photo I purchased and now have hanging in the physical therapy clinic in Erie PA was a sunflower that was half open and half closed. When looking at the photo it takes you through time from morning to evening.
My print was shipped to me in a very timely manner and was very professionally packed. The sunflower photo now hangs at Ashley & Kuzma Physical Therapy in Erie, PA for our patients to enjoy every day. I do see myself purchasing more of Sherry’s photographs and doing business with Visual Clarity Photography in the future. Sherry your work is beautiful.

Aimee Brennan

DSC_0023 - Version 2This lilac came from our home in Maryland and started in my mother’s yard where I grew up. We started the lilac here in Virginia from a single stem originating from my mother’s plant. We found the perfect spot in our yard and now it is huge. Thanks for honoring it the way you did.


Will Anderson

DSC_5942“Wow, that’s amazing…It’s the perfect image of a perfect rose spiral.”