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Susan Bell

Macro Flowers 083

Sherry I wanted you to know I got the beautiful delivery this evening! It is gorgeous! I particularly feel drawn to this one since it is emerging much like the Phoenix-much like myself working hard at improving. I can see how in a doctors office this would be promising and encouraging everyday. The sunflower is a sign of spiritual faith as it turns to the sun the life giver and its power of love.*

*Susan is a survivor of oral cancer. She’s been fighting this courageous battle for a couple of years now, I believe, and is so excited to be healing and on her way back to health. She is one of the most courageous people I have ever met, and I have followed her journey since the very beginning. Every time I look back at that sunflower, I see it through her eyes now. She’s coming back from an ordeal that changed her life forever, and yet here she is, growing, changing, blooming and excited about her life. I am so blessed to know her.