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An unchecked wildness

For years I’ve tried to control myself at springtime. My husband, a former roommate, and family are very well acquainted with my flower addiction and have ceased asking me to temper it. Oh no. They know better than to suggest I pare down my floral fantasy fulfillment because honestly, it’d be a wasted effort. Best to let wild things grow unchecked.

Macro Flowers 083

This sunflower was grown from seed by my son when he was a toddler. It remains one of my favorite images.

And besides, from what I learned this past winter while researching ancestors, my obsession with flora and fauna is entirely in keeping with the natural evolution of my family tree. From as many generations back as I could find, most of my people dedicated their lives to nurturing growth of all kinds. They grew everything from tobacco to vegetables and cotton. But their joy, their passion, was evoked by the miraculous beauty of flowers.

How do I know this? Well, my research came to a complete halt when I came upon my great grandmother’s name. It was Minnie Magnolia. That’s correct, Magnolia. It was as if every question I ever had about myself had been confirmed. Of course I would have a family member with the name Magnolia. But wait, the story gets even better. My Dad shared with me recently that this same great-grandmother had turned her entire front yard into a blooming floral masterpiece. We’re not talking about tight, neat flowerbeds and borders flanking the front porch and yard edges. The flowers practically overflowed beyond the edges, making the yard a stopping point and destination for neighborhood walkers.

Oh goodness, this explains so much. So much. Without even knowing the story of Minnie Magnolia’s Magnificent Flower Garden, I had been carrying forth her divine mission everywhere I’ve lived. Sure, I’ve caught some flack for my extravagant floral leanings-a former roommate once asked if someone had died when she arrived home from work greeted by one of my over-the-top floral displays. Obviously, she had no respect for my mission! And my dear patient husband has all but given up rhetorically asking me each season, “More flowers?” Yes, husband dear. More flowers. You can’t stop this train so don’t even bother! And as if I needed to relay further evidence of this kinship I feel with a grandmother I never knew, there is that photo album of hundreds, yes hundreds of macro magnolia portraits I have taken over the years. Here is just one of them. I hesitate to even tell you guys that one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time is straight from, you guessed it, the movie Magnolia!

So, in honor of Minnie Magnolia, whose spirit I instinctively knew without even realizing it, I will go forth this Spring and partake in all that honors our special kinship. In particular, the destinations I plan to visit include the Hampton Roads Agriculture Research Center, which is home to some of the most gorgeous magnolia trees I have ever laid eyes on. Additionally, I want to stroll through the cherry blossoms at Redwing Park and bask in the glorious sights, sounds and smells of this magnificent season. Will you join me?

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