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Why I was Smiling Today

Dr. Seuss, library, classic books for childrenWhile shelving books at my son’s school library yesterday, I got caught up in a biography: “Dr. Seuss from Then to Now.” Rather than check it out, I read a few pages and put it back thinking I should probably search instead for something my 7-year-old would be more interested in. No one saw me reading this book and I never mentioned it to my son. Today he had it in his backpack 🙂 When I discovered it he said, “I checked it out for you because I know how much you like Dr. Seuss.” It was a wonderful coincidence that he found this title among hundreds of books and brought it home to me the very day after I had been immersed in it. The first words I ever read on my own were in a Dr. Seuss book and he remembered me telling him that. I can even recall one of the places I first realized I was reading fast and fluently–it was in the doctor’s office! My two brothers and I spent many days in the family doctor’s waiting room and it was packed with reading material. Dr. Seuss books and Highlights magazines were among my favorites. I had to smile recently while listening to a TV news story featuring parents complaining about germs on books for kids in doctors’ offices.